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Dead by Daylight is a game that pits 4 players against one another in an asymmetrical horror experience. Players must work together to survive and hunt down the killers, while trying their best not to get caught themselves. This analysis will explore how each killer plays, giving tips on who might be good choices for your team at different stages of the match.

The “dead by daylight killer tier list” is a list of the best killers in Dead by Daylight. The list was created by Reddit user, daniel_mcclintock and has been updated to include all the new killers released for the game on June 4th 2018.



Dead by Daylight adds a new Chapter 24: Roots of Dread that introduces a new kind of murderer called A Dredge. The arrival of this new character, who is very strong, alters the game’s whole dynamic.

You can see an updated tier list of the top murderers in Dead by Daylight in our guide. You’ll discover what makes A Dredge a top-tier killer and how he compares to other players’ current killers in the game.

S-Tier Murderers

The Nurse

  • 96.25 percent / 333.25 percent in speed
  • 32 meter radius.

In Dead by Daylight, Sally Smithson, also known as the Nurse, is still regarded as the most heinous and challenging murderer.

Don’t even attempt to flee or hide from her; she moves very swiftly thanks to her Spencer’s Last Breath talent. She can chain blink for up to 12 meters before becoming exhausted, and the weariness only lasts for two to three seconds.

She can identify survivors who attempt to recover by giving up their places no matter the cover thanks to the Nurse’s Calling perk. Then, she may punish any survivor who attempts to fix, undermine, or clean up action speed by using Thanatophobia.

However, since it takes a while to learn all of her skills, this killer is not suggested for inexperienced players.

The Epidemic

  • 115 percent of the speed
  • 32 meter radius.

Adiris, or The Epidemic, is a mysterious character that has complex system of terror perks that also require a certain level of mastery.

As the name of the killer suggests, she spreads sickness using her Vile Purge ability. It not only infects survivors that get hit by The Epidemic, but also any object that comes into contact with her, eventually infecting any survivor touching those objects.

She also has the ability to spread panic among survivors by infecting them with it. With the help of the Dark Devotion perk, this is feasible.

Keep in mind that the Pool of Devotion, which is located in the Trial Grounds, is the only object that can heal a survivor from this disease.

A Dredge

  • 115 percent of the speed
  • 32 meter radius.

This is the most recent murderer that was included in the Roots of Dread DLC, and she definitely has some unpleasant talents.

He may freely wander throughout the Trial Grounds and teleport to the Locker anytime he wishes thanks to his Reign of Darkness abilities. Because of this, even in the most “secure” situations, survivors are susceptible.

Once a survivor enters his terror radius, A Dredge can initiate Septic Touch, which disrupts all healing actions, and instead curses the survivors with blindness and exhaustion.

As you can see, this killer is simpler than the first two listed and is thus more suited for beginners.

A-Tier Assassins

The Holy

  • 110 percent / 176 percent speed
  • 24 m in diameter.

Rin Yamaoka, or The Holy, is the lighter version of the Nurse, with her teleportation skills being especially useful.

Her Yamaoka’s Haunting ability is very similar to the Nurse’s blink power, when The Holy leaves the body and freely traverses distances. However, while the Nurse suffers only a very short fatigue after using her power, The Holy must rest for about 15 seconds before she can use it again.

Her Rancor talent may also be used to find survivors, although it only provides fleeting views of their positions that endure a few seconds.

The Plague

  • 110/230 percent in terms of speed
  • 32 meter radius.

In order to rapidly find and hurt survivors, this horrific murderer has the ability to speed up.

Although his Blighted Corruption power is complicated, the additional work is worthwhile. Naturally, it takes a lot of practice to eat every token, exhaust every second of your speed duration, and ultimately do that lethal damage.

The lengthy exhaustion period associated with high strength is a negative. You may control generators, pellets, or totems with his Hex abilities while the tokens are waiting to recharge.

B-Tier Murderers

The Country Boy

  • 115 percent of the speed / 230%
  • 32 meter radius.

Max Thompson Jr., or The Country Boy, is probably the most fun killer in Dead by Daylight, because you get to chase the survivors with a chainsaw in your hands.

Hillbilly might be a great option if you’re not too fond of all the nefarious methods and schemes used by the previous murderers. He is strong, tenacious, quick, and his chainsaw is one of the greatest in the game.

The Country Boy is also noisy and predictable, but you’ll never be as entertained as with this character.

The Opponent

  • 115 percent of the speed / 95% / 100%
  • 32 meter radius.

Dead by Daylight features the famed mutant zombie boss from the Resident Evil series.

His strongest ability is the T-Power, which he uses to call out zombies to aid him in pursuing and locating survivors in the Trial Grounds. However, survivors may easily frighten zombies away by using spotlights or firecrackers.

Additionally, Nemesis may impose a number of unfavorable status consequences on survivors, which can be unpleasant.

You can’t avoid him if you liked this boss in the original Resident Evil games.

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