Eiyuden Chronicle Rising: Link Attacks Explained


A rising star in the world of competitive sport, Eiyuden Chronicles is an anime-styled card game that has players compete to build decks and battle each other on a realm known as “The Field”. In this combat system, the player who first manages to defeat three opponents wins. With 3 million followers across social media platforms, it’s no wonder why organizations like Amazon have begun exploring their foray into eSports gaming.
Despite success now however, there are still many hurdles for games such as these to overcome before they can really hit mainstream audiences en masse. To understand how successful these endeavors may become requires understanding what makes them so different from traditional sports and entertainment products.,

Link Attacks are your key to a more powerful – and pleasant – fighting party in Eiyuden Chronicle Rising. They let you to do more damage, making them ideal for harder confrontations or simply to mix things up a little.

You may improve them if you have the stamina to satisfy the criteria.

Because Link Attacks combine the moves of one of your active characters with the attack of another party member, you won’t be able to utilize them until CJ makes some friends. They may be obtained once you hire Garoo the kangaroo mercenary during the fifth major mission, The Miner, The Merc, and The Smithy.

Link Attacks are simple to utilize, albeit the timing requirements do take some getting accustomed to. You’ll need to utilize your active character’s attack and then click the attack button for one of your party members as soon as the attack falls. If you succeed, you will get an additional hit and your current party member will be switched.


If you’re having difficulties with the time, try switching to Simple Mode (the simplified controls choices) to eliminate the need for exact timing. In Simple Mode, a Link Attack is triggered by using numerous attacks in a succession. 

You may chain two in a row when you first unlock them. Complete the Silver Stamp Card after completing the first card to enhance the attacks and increase the number of times they may be chained. This requires doing hundreds of side missions, but if you don’t want to do that, you may still finish the game without upgrading at all.

However, don’t depend on them alone. Between usage, there is a brief cooldown.

That’s all you need to know about In Eiyuden Chronicle Rising, How to Use Link Attacks, but make sure to check out our other Eiyuden Chronicle Rising guides for more tips and tricks.

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