Everything About Floyd Mayweather Jr. Fighting Logan Paul Raises a Red Flag


On December 31st, boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. will take on YouTube star Logan Paul in a boxing match dubbed “The Money Fight.” The fight will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada. (The fight is being contested under boxing rules, rather than MMA rules.) The event will be available to stream live online. (The undercard fights will not be streamed live, but they will be on the pay-per-view broadcast, which costs $89.95.) The fight has been criticized by many boxing fans as a mismatch. Some fans believe that it demeans the sport of boxing, while others believe that it will further tarnish the reputation of professional boxers.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s decision to fight Logan Paul, a controversial YouTuber, has raised a lot of eyebrows. After all, Logan Paul has a reputation for being brash and outspoken, and his boxing skills leave a lot to be desired. But if you dig deeper, you’ll find that the fight is problematic for other reasons.

After a year-long layoff, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is reportedly set to fight YouTuber Logan Paul. The event will be streamed via the Japanese mobile game company Gree. It is being billed as a charity fight for the Floyd Mayweather Foundation. As of this writing, it has raised over $200,000 for charity. But a closer look at the fight raises some red flags about a charity that is not as altruistic as it might seem.

Besides the money he doesn’t seem to need, what does Floyd Mayweather Jr. have to gain from a fight against Logan Paul? This is officially a practice fight, and Mayweather will almost certainly be able to decide in which round to send Paul to the boards. But if the unthinkable happens, Mayweather will technically keep his undefeated record, but tarnish it. In short, some aspects of Floyd Mayweather Jr’s fight on the 5th. June v. Logan Paul doesn’t pass the smell test.

Against all odds, boxing exhibitions are suddenly gaining in importance

word-image-3698 word-image-8973 Multiple world champion Floyd Mayweather has not fought an official fight since his 2017 victory over Conor McGregor. | Alex Menendez/Getty Images COMPARED TO: Floyd Mayweather spent more than $40,000 to own the world’s largest Chanel handbag. Those who cover the sport can argue about what the golden age of boxing was, but they can at least agree that it wasn’t. We live in an era where shows featuring former champion Mike Tyson, former baseball player Jose Canseco and internet personality Jake Paul are considered important. Last week, Paul beat a real athlete in 1:59….. Not that Ben Askren can box. Askren’s wrestling background allows him to be a threat in mixed martial arts, where he is 19-2 and primarily competes in Bellator and ONE tournaments. However, MMA skills don’t translate to the boxing ring, and Paul has used Askren as another pawn in his quest to force Conor McGregor into a fight that will likely generate a lot of pay-per-view revenue. Now Logan Paul, who like his brother is a multi-talented artist, must compete against the big name. The previously postponed fight against the 50-0 and unofficially retired Floyd Mayweather Jr is back on the calendar.

Money is a motive for Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Logan Paul

. COMPARED TO: Floyd Mayweather in a personal fight against an opponent tougher than he has ever seen in the ring Since Showtime lists the Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight as a pay-per-view event, it makes sense that Logan Paul’s contract guarantees him a percentage of the total. This could be the biggest check Paul, 0-1 in his boxing career, will ever cash. He will also earn the highest payday in history for a still undefeated fighter. In return, the fight increases Paul’s visibility on social media and in the entertainment world. This in turn brings in extra money. Mayweather’s motivation is rather mysterious. The Athletic reported that his fight against UFC champion Conor McGregor generated 4 million PPV buys, making the multiple boxing champion even richer than he already was. If times are tough for him, even though he’s made $915 million in ten years, a fight against Paul makes a lot more sense than risking a rematch against Manny Pacquiao. For the record: A year ago, Floyd Mayweather’s net worth was between $560 million and $700 million. This allowed him to shake off the criticism that he had built much of his unbeaten record against rookies and defending champions in name only – an accusation that haunted him for more than a decade.

Timing of Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Logan Paul fight doesn’t make sense

. COMPARED TO: Why Roy Jones Jr. was a better fighter than Floyd Mayweather When the undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. cedes 30 pounds to the undefeated Logan Paul in a boxing match that is technically meaningless, the timing doesn’t make sense. Unless the fight is rescheduled for a later date, there will be a fight between the two on Showtime’s PPV card on the 5th. June. Teofimo Lopez, who defeated Vasyl Lomachenko by unanimous decision of the judges last October for the lightweight title, will take on George Cambosos Jr. in a battle of undefeated boxers. This fight is being promoted by Triller, a competitor to TikTok for video sharing. Boxing fans will still buy the Lopez-Cambozo fight. But it does raise the question of whether anyone involved in the Mayweather-Paul fight has the motive to enter into a championship fight with undefeated opponents. Follow the money. Someone has a financial motive. Like Sportscasting on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter @sportscasting19

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