Manny Pacquiao Says YouTubers Like Logan Paul Challenging Pro Boxers Is ‘No Good’ for the Sport


Manny Pacquiao, the boxing legend who retired in 2016 after winning his final fight against Lucas Matthysse, is not happy with YouTube stars like Logan Paul.

Manny Pacquiao has been a professional boxer for over 20 years and is now retired. He said that Logan Paul’s challenge to pro boxers is no good for the sport. Read more in detail here: logan paul boxing record.

Manny Pacquiao, the Filipino boxing superstar, is well aware of a profitable aspect of the sport: it’s simple to be rewarded for losing. By his own admission, that’s how he got started as a 12-year-old in the first place. Pacquiao’s lengthy and successful career as a professional boxer was due to his developed skills; mentally, he was always prepared to lose.

He will not, however, accept a huge L for great money in one manner. The current spate of stunt fights, ranging from celebrity battles to YouTubers taking on veteran boxers, has enraged the contemplative boxing legend. If they are the sole attractions for boxing, the sport has a bleak future. Pacquiao does not want to be a part of the current spectacle.

Jake and Logan Paul’s achievements in the ring haven’t pleased Manny Pacquiao.


Boxing star Manny Pacquiao arrives at the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan in Tokyo in 2016 YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/GAMMA-RAPHO | Manny Pacquiao

Pacquiao put his cards on the table about the Paul brothers’ foray into boxing in a recent GQ interview. Pacquiao said, “If you speak about genuine boxing, it’s not good.”

When asked whether all of the fresh eyes on boxing were positive, the renowned fighter expressed his dissatisfaction. “It’s OK if it’s simply for the fans or for fundraising,” the former welterweight champion remarked. “It’s a wonderful way to raise money. It’s not beneficial for boxing if you’re talking about real boxing.”

It’s not unusual for people to have negative feelings towards the Paul family’s boxing promotion. Jake’s challenge was dismissed by former UFC fighter Daniel Cormier as a joke. Even the combatants engaged are aware that they are taking part in a charade. According to Republicworld, Floyd Mayweather, who fought Logan to a no-decision, was captured on video calling the bout “fake.”

Pacquiao contemplated a fight with Conor McGregor.

The all-time highest-grossing bouts

1 $960 million: Mayweather-Pacquiao ’15 2 $938 million: Mayweather-McGregor ’17 3 $304 million: Mayweather-Canelo ’13 4 $265 million: Mayweather-De La Hoya ’07 5 $206 million: Holyfield-Tyson ’97

— June 6, 2021, Front Office Sports (@FOS)

Pacquiao’s instincts tell him that no amount of money is worth descending to the Paul brothers’ level. But that’s not to suggest he’s completely dismissive of gimmick bouts. Another current, professional fighter, at least, is ready to play along if the stakes are high enough.

According to Sports Illustrated, he was supposed to face Conor McGregor this year. Pacquiao’s counsel changed course, opting for a genuine professional boxing fight in 2021 instead. Nonetheless, considering the amount of money at stake — as much as $3 million for the advance alone – this fight may take place at some time in the future.

Pacquiao may turn his attention to politics after an upset in the ring.

Pacquiao has always been a fighter who picks his fights carefully. He and his crew try to select battles that he can win but yet posing a danger to the point where people would pay to see. He did, however, lose his most recent fight, according to CBS Sports. The Filipino hero spent two years meticulously preparing for and negotiating this battle. Yordenis Ugás, his opponent, was given 11 days’ notice for the fight, replacing Errol Spence Jr. on the program. Pacquiao, 42, couldn’t keep up even with that edge.

With millions of possible revenues on the table, this might make YouTube stunt losses a realistic alternative. Pacquiao, on the other hand, seems to be focusing even more on his job as a Senator in the Philippines. According to Aljazeera, this may pave the way for a full-fledged presidential campaign. President Rodrigo Duterte’s six-year tenure is coming to an end. In the next election, he will instead run as a Vice Presidential candidate.

Duterte requires a candidate to run at the top of the ballot box. Pacquiao is a realistic possibility, particularly after focusing on his job as senator during his two-year hiatus from boxing. The lifelong Duterte supporter isn’t interested in following the current practice of handing out punishment to YouTubers. As a result, there’s a good possibility he’ll devote his entire attention to running for President of the Philippines.

Manny Pacquiao Is Literally Running the Philippines When He Isn’t Boxing

Manny Pacquiao, the former pound-for-pound king in boxing, has made it clear that Logan Paul’s recent challenge to pro boxers is no good for the sport. Reference: how tall is logan paul.

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