Michael Jordan Never Thanked Larry Bird for the ‘Biggest Comment’ He’s Ever Received Because He Wanted to Maintain His Competitive Edge


The most iconic athlete of all time has been on the receiving end of quite a few compliments during his legendary career. But, one compliment stands out: an insult from Hall-of-Famer Larry Bird.
Michael Jordan never thanked him because he wanted to maintain his competitive edge and keep playing at a high level until he retired as well.
This was Michael’s “biggest comment” that ever came in contact with him.

Michael Jordan and Larry Bird were two of the best basketball players in NBA history, but they never actually played against each other. Still, their rivalry was one of the most competitive ones ever seen. One thing that made their rivalry so intense was the fact that Jordan never thanked Bird for a comment he said about him. Read more in detail here: michael jordan larry bird friendship.

Michael Jordan was unlike any other athlete who has ever competed at the top level of sport. He would run you over before breaking bread with you or hugging you as a friend if you stood in his way of winning a championship with the Chicago Bulls.

When it came to Larry Bird, Jordan obviously adored and appreciated him, but he was never going to tell him. During the 1986 playoffs, when Bird likened Jordan to God, MJ declined to thank him for the shining comment because he didn’t want to exhibit any symptoms of weakness.

After Michael Jordan’s 63-point playoff outburst, Larry Bird likened him to God.

Larry Bird and Michael Jordan sit on the bench.

Larry Bird and Michael Jordan sit on the bench. During the 1990 NBA All-Star Game, Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics and Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls sit on a bench | Focus on Sport via Getty Images

Jordan faced Bird and the Boston Celtics in the first round of the playoffs in 1986, when he was 23 years old. Jordan’s Bulls lacked the firepower and depth to compete with the eventual NBA champions, but he lost no time establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with for years to come.

Jordan started the series off with a 49-point outing in Game 1. In Game 2, in a 135-131 overtime defeat, he set an NBA playoff record with 63 points. MJ made 22 of his 41 shots, adding five rebounds, six assists, three steals, and two blocks to his stat line. It is still regarded as one of the best postseason performances in league history.

Bird gave Jordan the highest praise he’d ever heard after the game.

Bird stated at the time, “I believe he’s God disguised as Michael Jordan.” “He’s the best player in the NBA right now.” He put on one of the greatest exhibitions of all time today at Boston Garden, on national television, in the playoffs.”

To keep his competitive edge, Jordan never thanked Bird for the praise.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-k IzNE20aY

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Jordan was just a young star attempting to make his place in the NBA at the time. Bird, on the other hand, had already established himself as a true superstar and a future Hall of Famer. Jordan should have contacted you at some point to express his gratitude for the excellent praise.

But he didn’t, and there’s a reason for that.

Jordan noted on Jackie MacMullan’s Icons Club podcast, “When Bird gave me that statement, you know, it was the biggest compliment I’ve ever gotten, and that was the sort of respect that he offered me.” “However, I never really addressed him or embraced him.” I wanted to keep the competitive advantage we had against one another.”

For the rest of our lives, we’ll never see another Michael Jordan.

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