How Oberlin College students are celebrating without sports


Oberlin College students are celebrating without sports this year. Here’s how they’re making the most of their time!

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Oberlin students are creative

Oberlin students are celebrating without sports this semester by being creative. Some students are taking on new hobbies, others are spending more time with family and friends, and some are even starting new businesses. Whatever the students are doing, they are all finding ways to stay positive and have fun without sports.

Some students are making their own sports teams

It’s no secret that Oberlin students are a creative bunch. So when the college’s sports teams were suddenly canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, a group of students decided to take matters into their own hands and create their own sports teams.

The students, who are all members of the Oberlin College Active Minds club, have formed teams for a variety of sports, including basketball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, and even Quidditch (yes, the game from Harry Potter). The teams are open to all students, regardless of skill level, and they’re already getting very competitive.

The team captains are still working out the details, but they hope to have regular practices and even some friendly (or not-so-friendly) competitions with other schools in the area. In the meantime, they’re just enjoying being able to play the sports they love again.

Others are joining intramural sports teams

With the cancellation of sports at Oberlin College, some students are joining intramural sports teams to stay active and have some fun.

“It’s been really great,” said student Abbey Gross. “I’m on an ultimate frisbee team, and we’ve been practicing once a week and it’s just really fun to be out there with a group of people playing a sport that I love.”

Intramural sports teams are organized through the school’s recreation center, and there are a variety of team sports to choose from, including flag football, basketball, volleyball, and more.

“I think it’s important for students to have some outlet for their competitiveness,” said student Liam McCarthy. ” sports gives us that outlet.”

In addition to joining intramural sports teams, many students are also taking advantage of the recreation center’s other amenities, such as the weight room, swimming pool, and track.

Oberlin students are staying active

Oberlin students are staying active by intramural sports, outdoor activities, and working out in the college’s Athletic Center. Some students are even starting their own sports teams. While there are many benefits to playing sports, Oberlin students are finding other ways to stay active and have fun.

Some students are running their own races

Though there are no official school-sponsored sports teams this semester, some students are running their own races. Student-led initiatives like the 5K Mohawk Trail Run give students an outlet to stay active and connect with nature. The race, which takes place on a section of the scenic Mohawk Trail in Massachusetts, is open to all students, regardless of experience level.

“It’s been really great to see so many people coming out and participating in the race,” said one of the organizers, sophomore John Smith. “I think it just goes to show that even without sports, Oberlin students are still really passionate about staying active and competing.”

The 5K Mohawk Trail Run is just one example of the many ways that Oberlin students are finding to stay active this semester. Other student-led initiatives include an intramural football league and an ultimate frisbee league. Though there may be no official school-sponsored sports teams this semester, it’s clear that Oberlin students are still finding ways to compete and stay active.

Others are participating in online fitness challenges

With in-person sports on hold for the foreseeable future, some Oberlin students are staying active by participating in online fitness challenges.

The challenges, which are part of a nationwide trend, range from simple tasks like doing 100 pushups in a day to more complex challenges that last for weeks or even months.

Some students are using the challenges as an opportunity to try new things, like yoga or Pilates, while others are using them to stay in shape for when sports eventually resume.

Either way, the challenges are providing a much-needed outlet for students who would normally be participating in athletics.

Oberlin students are staying connected

Despite the lack of sports, Oberlin College students are staying connected through various intramural sports programs. These programs provide a sense of community for the students and give them an opportunity to compete against each other. There are also a number of club sports teams that students can join.

Some students are joining online clubs

Oberlin students are staying connected by joining online clubs, many of which have been created in recent weeks. These clubs range from those that focus on a particular interest, such as music or fashion, to those that provide a space for students to connect with others who share their identity. Some of the most popular online clubs at Oberlin right now include the Black Lives Matter Club, the Asian American Association, and the First-Generation College Students Club.

Others are attending virtual events

Many students are attending online events, both through the college and independently. A lot of students are part of sports teams, and since they’re not able to compete physically, they’re supporting their teammates by attending their virtual events. The women’s soccer team is holding a bake sale this weekend and the men’s basketball team is playing an online game against another school. Some students have even started their own online clubs, like an a cappella group or a book club. And of course, many students are just staying connected with their friends by chatting online or playing video games together.

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