Shaquille O’Neal Reveals the Painful Reason Why He Works So Hard


Shaq is an NBA legend, but you might not know that behind his giant personality is a person with some serious demons. In this new article from The Players’ Tribune, he reveals one of the worst days in his life and what it taught him about work ethic.

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the most successful and famous basketball players in history. He has won a championship, been selected to 11 All-Star games, and has had his jersey retired by three different teams. His work ethic is legendary, but why? How did Shaquille O’Neal change the world? Read more in detail here: how did shaquille o’neal change the world.

Shaquille O'Neal Reveals the Painful Reason Why He Works So Hard

Shaquille O’Neal seems to have a near-perfect CV from afar. The big guy had a fantastic NBA career, winning titles and amassing millions of dollars. The blows have continued to come even after he retired. Shaq has a seemingly unending list of investments and sponsorships, as well as appearances on TNT and dabbling in the music industry.

With so much going for him, you may be wondering why the living icon continues to appear in advertisements and take on other gigs. Isn’t it true that monetary remuneration becomes meaningless beyond a certain point?

Shaq put things in perspective during a recent guest on The Pivot Podcast. O’Neal isn’t about to let up, thanks to a tumultuous divorce and a realization of his obligations as a parent.

Shaquille O’Neal said that he works very hard to support his family.

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If you’ve heard the tales of Shaq’s locker room shenanigans, it’s easy to see him as a big child who laughs his way through life. In fact, however, this is clearly not the case.

We’ve seen O’Neal share some human moments over the years; consider his public response to the death of Kobe Bryant. During a recent podcast episode, the Diesel opened up about a difficult period in his personal life.

When questioned about his divorce on The Pivot Podcast, he said, “I never speak about this.” “I was terrible.” She was incredible. She was the genuine deal. It was all down to me. I was just, look, we don’t need to discuss what I was doing, but I wasn’t safeguarding her or those promises.”

As if that wasn’t enough, the huge guy then recounted a heartbreaking experience of his personal life changing in front of his eyes.

“Coming home and hearing five or six distinct voices was the finest thing for me.” It makes no difference whether I miss 15 free throws and we lose. “They don’t give a damn,” Shaq stated. Things were different after the divorce, however.

“I had been disoriented. You have a 76,000 square foot mansion all to yourself. Lost. “I don’t have any kids,” O’Neal said. “Go to the gym; there’s no one there.” There’s no one in their room. You start to sense it, don’t you?”

However, the NBA player chose to concentrate on his family as a result of his traumatic experience. At the very least, he was going to do his bit to help them.

“‘OK, you’re not married, but you still have to protect and provide for this family,’ I told myself. Get your head out of the sand. Be a man. Let’s get started. ‘What are your plans for the future?’ Because, even if I’m not a husband, I’ll always be a parent. The father’s role is to protect, provide, and cherish his children. I have two amazing ladies who have given me beautiful, stunning children. I prefer not to use the phrase “baby moms.” I have to protect them, provide for them, and love them forever. That is why I put forth so much effort. I don’t work for myself; I own everything. I have to work for them, and I have to work for my six children.”

Coming from someone like Shaq, such very human observation is significant.

If you’re feeling cynical, you may dismiss Shaq’s remarks as nothing more than a publicity stunt. In theory, the large guy realized he’d made a mistake and needed to put a positive spin on things. There’s something more vital to be discovered if you’re ready to accept the Diesel at his word.

Aside from his overall success, O’Neal was a physically powerful force who resembled a real-life superhero in many ways. Even if he purposefully avoided admitting he was sad, his ability to talk frankly about failures and emotional distress set a wonderful example of a guy being forthright about his challenges.

On a similar line, the large man’s determination to accept responsibility and avoid making excuses for his behavior should be lauded. He could have done things a little better — he did dabble in gender stereotypes, remarking of his partner’s physical beauty and emphasising that, as a parent, he had to provide — but it was another net-positive example. If we follow Shaq’s lead, being a typically manly guy doesn’t imply you can’t confess a mistake.

Finally, the pure compassion of the Lakers legend’s comments should be emphasized. Shaq was a powerful athlete who was distinguished by his sheer physicality, as previously said. He’s become an older statesman on TNT in retirement, taking potshots at current players who don’t live up to his expectations. If you think that money can buy happiness, he also has millions of dollars in his bank account.

It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that athletes are people. Consider Kyrie Irving’s performance during the Nets-Celtics series. While the Nets’ guard hasn’t exactly done himself any favors, it’s still wrong to expose him to projectiles, racist slurs, or other forms of hatred that go beyond booing. While many might chalk it up to the cost of doing business — after all, a big-time pay should come with scrutiny — it’s almost certainly linked to a lack of empathy. When we think of athletics, we think of machines or gladiators, not people.

Shaquille O’Neal makes a lot of incomprehensible, if not just dumb, remarks as a TNT analyst. His remarks on The Pivot Podcast, on the other hand, are worthy of appreciation.

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Shaquille O’Neal Reveals the Painful Reason Why He Works So Hard. Shaquille O’Neal is a retired basketball player who has been in the NBA since 1992 and was part of the Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, Phoenix Suns, Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers. Reference: shaquille o’neal net worth.

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