Sniper Elite 5 Review: Off Target


The latest Sniper game is a big step up from the 2017 release, and it’s one of the best in the series. The new campaign mode mixes stealth with open-world exploration as you hunt your targets across Europe. It also boasts some impressive multiplayer modes that offer plenty of ways to keep playing after completing each main story mission.

The “sniper elite 4 review” is a game that was released on March 14th, 2017. This game has been highly anticipated, as it’s the successor to the sniper-based shooter series “Sniper Elite”. The game has a lot of good things going for it, but there are some problems with it too.

Virtual Nazi killing is what Rebellion Developments does. The amount of participants in the Sniper Elite series suggests that business is growing.

The most recent entry in the storied line of third-person shooters set during World War II is called Sniper Elite 5. Karl Fairburn, the main character of the series and the infamous “Desert Ghost” sniper, is played by you once again. Fairburn is a typical hard-as-nails soldier who lacks much personality.

He lacks any identifying qualities and would be difficult to identify among a crowd of somber, middle-aged white men who play the main characters in most war games. Fairburn is decent and unoffensive, but she also fails to further the overall idea of Sniper Elite 5 in any way.

Review of Sniper Elite 5: Off Target


Third-person action/stealth with optional first-person shooting make up the gameplay as is customary. The actual sniping is still going strong. It is cognitively stimulating to wait patiently enough to position yourself for a long-range shot while taking into consideration bullet drop and travel. Perfect shots let you to enjoy the horrific X-ray cam experience as you see bones and internal organs disintegrate from a powerful round. You may skip it if you’re uncomfortable, but it’s outrageous enough to be more funny than disgusting.  

But it’s bad that you don’t spend the majority of your time sniping. If you wish to escape being surrounded by Nazis, you must stealth your way across tiny sandbox levels with several pathways. Sniper Elite 5’s lackluster stealth gameplay is the issue. The foundation of the stealth experience consists of worn-out mechanics like hiding in thick grass, hitting foes in the back of the head to knock them unconscious, and hurling bottles to divert attention.

Nothing about it is original or creative, and it doesn’t change with time. If you do happen to make the enemy soldiers aware of your existence, you may choose to wait it out or just duck behind a corner and kill any soldiers that emerge from hiding.

It’s a pity that the missions do a good job of varying the scenery, from deep jungle to war-torn towns and expansive chateaus, while hiding the greatest element, the sniper, behind the worst aspect, the stealth. Timing shots as jets fly above to provide cover is nothing new, but when the opportunity arises, doing so to knock the testicles off of a Nazi from 200 meters away to rescue France is bloody hilarious. 

Changing It Up

With varied starting positions, extra goals, and items to uncover, the missions themselves are replayable as normal. You now have the option to alter your loadout and weaponry in-level thanks to the inclusion of workbenches. It’s worth your time to locate the workbenches in each level since doing so also unlocks the upgrade components itself. Even if it’s a little sparse, it does a respectable job of motivating you to deviate from the norm.

Experience points are earned for completing activities and are used in an upgrading system. That seems great in principle, but in actuality, the added effort isn’t always worth the advantages. None of the advantages you get as you level up change the way you play or make you a better superhuman sniping machine.

It’s not very tempting to replay levels only to use the same subpar stealth technology in slightly different ways. The various assassination aims do provide some amusement, however. Levels often feature built-in traps or other means to remove targets, similar to the more recent Hitman games. It’s funny to kill someone with a chandelier or use a rat bomb on someone who has a known rodent phobia.


To enhance interest, there are a few multiplayer components. You may play the full campaign cooperatively. Sharing resources and working together to defeat foes is much more enjoyable than creeping around from place to place and praying you could shoot someone without the battalion hearing you.

There are a few traditional PVP modes for fans of deathmatch, but due to their limited scope and lack of meaningful advancement, they don’t seem like a vital part of the Sniper Elite 5 experience.  

An invasion mechanism is also included. If you are online and have not chosen to opt out, another player may join your game at any time and take the role of Jager, a skilled Nazi sniper. It’s great to play around with since the player who is invading may get intelligence from the NPC forces as they engage in a game of kill or be killed. But being on the opposite side is not enjoyable. There isn’t much a reward to killing an invader, nor is there a punishment for being killed, save from unlocking certain cosmetics and earning some trophies/achievements. It’s more of a bother that will probably result in your death and return to a most recent save.

Conclusion of the Sniper Elite 5 Review



  • Sniping is fulfilling and enjoyable.
  • a wide range of levels.
  • Exploding. Testicles. Nazi. 
  • mission created with the idea of replayability.


  • a lot of poor stealth.
  • The most unoriginal hero imaginable.
  • Multiplayer is entirely unnecessary and seems like an afterthought.

The sniper action in Sniper Elite 5 is entertaining, but there are numerous obstacles in the way, such as shoddy stealth, a drab protagonist, and a shoddy PVP system. It’s hard to recommend this experience to anybody who isn’t a fan of the series since there are moments of joy interspersed with protracted lengths of drudgery.

This could be worth a look if you have a strong interest in World War II shooters, are an avid Sniper Elite player, or just need to break some vertebrae with bullets. It would probably be wiser to focus your efforts elsewhere for everyone else.  

 [Note: The copy of Sniper Elite 5 used for this review was given by Rebellion Developments.]

The “sniper elite 5 metacritic” is a game that has been plagued with issues. Most notably, the game’s campaign isn’t as good as the previous games in the series. The review from IGN was not favorable either.

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