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In a world where players are haunted by their mistakes and live in fear of the International Tribunal, one man has found his own way to continue playing.

The “v rising map” is a tool that will help you find silver ore. The map also includes information on the best places to mine for different ores, as well as the most efficient way of mining them.

As with other metals in the game, Silver Ore must be mined and smelted in order to produce Dark Silver, the rarest metal in V Rising. Some of V Rising’s most potent weapons, Dark Silver weaponry, may be made from dark silver. We’ll explain where to locate Silver Ore and how to mine it in this tutorial.

In V Rising, how Do I Get Silver Ore?


Similar to Iron Ore, Silver Ore also has to be mined from the Merciless Copper Mace. The Merciless Weapons Research Book is required before you may create it. There are two methods to get it. 

Your first choice is to try your luck at the Research Desk. For 50 Paper, you may choose up one random technology at the desk, and there’s a possibility you’ll walk away with the required research book. Although using the Research Desk might be a bit of a grind, you’ll discover a lot of different technologies that could be useful in other sections of V Rising.

The book may also be picked up through an enemy drop. Find Clive the Firestarter at the Bandit Sulfur Quarry; it will be your best bet (location shown above). The biggest likelihood for this book to drop belongs to him, a Level 30 boss. You will still need to kill him in order to get Silver Ore, even if it is not guaranteed to drop.

The Merciless Copper Mace may be made using: after you have the reference book.

How to Transport Silver Ore Without Getting Hurt

Before searching for Silver Ore, it’s important to be aware of how to transport it safely. Silver will harm you in all of its forms since you are a vampire. However, there are methods to get around it. You must prepare some Brew of Silver Resistances or Potions for this.

After beating Clive, you will obtain the design for an alchemy table, where you may create these beverages and potions. To build it, you’ll need 16 Planks, 12 Sulfur, and 100 Blood Essence. The following components may then be used to create Silver Resistance beverages:

Brew of Silver Resistance 

  • Effects: For 20 minutes, increases silver resistance by 15.
    • Twenty Snowflowers.
    • 1 Canteen with Water.

Brew of Silver Resistance

  • for 20 minutes raises the silver resistance by 50.
    • 32 Ghost Mushrooms
    • 1 Canteen with Water.

Defeating Raziel the Shepherd, a Level 60 foe in the Dunley Monastery, noted below, will provide the recipe for the latter concoction. 


Before entering the mine, you should be well-prepared with brews and potions since the more silver you have on you, the more harm you’ll receive. Going in with pals also helps since you may divide the Silver Ore among the team.

Locations of Silver Ore


The greatest area to mine is in the Silverlight Hills, northwest of the map, near the Sacred Silver Mines. Although they are far less frequent than within the mine, Silver Ore nodes may be found all throughout the hills itself.

Lower-level players may wish to wait to enter the mine until they are better prepared since it is highly defended by Level 60+ foes.

Once inside the cave, scan the pathways for dark ore nodes. Be meticulous in your search since silver ore doesn’t stand out much in terms of color from the rock walls. Harvest the node with your Merciless Copper Mace after you’ve located it.


This ore cannot be immediately smelted into ingots as Iron Ore can. Instead, you will require Scourgestone, which may be grown by killing opponents, as an additional component before you can make Dark Silver.

Your three finest choices for farming are the Church of the Damned, the Ancient Villages in the Cursed Forest, and the Cursed Forest itself. The following areas are highlighted (the Church is the southernmost of the three).


Put 20 Silver Ore and 1 Scourgestone into your furnace to create one Dark Silver Ingot. Check out our other advice in our V Rising guides section if you want to learn more about V Rising.

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