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The “we were here forever walkthrough” is a guide that will help you get the perfect ending for We Were Here Forever.



After all the work it takes to go through We Were Here Forever’s challenging riddles, you’ll undoubtedly want to obtain both endings. Getting both endings isn’t simple, to say the least.

In We Were Here Forever, our guide will show you both endings and give you a thorough tale wrap-up. To solve these exceedingly tough riddles and complete the game, both players will have to work together.

We Were Here Forever: The End of Chapter 5

At this point in the game, both players must work together to cook some crystals according to the orders on the chalkboard.

Unfortunately, you will only have a limited amount of time to accomplish this problem, so you must carefully plan your activities as outlined below.

Players must first perform the following steps:

  1. Player 1 must place the root in the plate.
  2. The filled plate is now sent by Player 1.
  3. Player 2 must use green stuff to create cones.
  4. Two cones, one crystal, and a green substance are now sent by Player 2.
  5. Player 1 must use red and yellow ingredients to grind two cones and one crystal.
  6. Now, Player 1 sends a crimson material.

Both players are now ready to boil the ingredients in order to create additional crystals:

  1. To produce two concentrations, Player 1 must utilize green material.
  2. Player 1 now delivers two grinded cones and two concentrates.
  3. Player 1 can now prepare one blue crystal with the help of green and yellow materials as well as a mushroom.
  4. Player 2 may begin chopping roots and preparing two red jars for cooking.
  5. Three crystals and a crimson substance are now sent by Player 2.
  6. One crystal may be ground by Player 1 to create one concentration.

When all of these components are available, you may complete the task and solve the Assembly puzzle:

  1. One mushroom, one concentration, and one ground crystal are sent by Player 1.
  2. Player 2 may begin chopping mushrooms and preparing one green container of soup.
  3. The other two blue crystals may now be made by Player 1.

When all three blue crystals, two red jars, and one green jar are ready, place them inside the Astrolabe and pull the lever in the middle to complete the assignment.

We Were Here Forever: The End of Chapter 6

You’ll be able to access Chapter 6 and work towards its conclusion if you performed everything correctly. It takes both players to build a focused light at the Astrolabe, which will open the portal and provide them a way out.

To begin, take these steps to put together the necessary light spheres:

  1. Player 1 must up the stairs and turn a crank.
  2. Player 2 must enter the elevator and operate the lever.
  3. Both players now go down and remove the wood board away from them.
  4. Both players must proceed upstairs and pull the levers one by one on the left side.

Use the levers to control the spheres’ lights so that they all shine on each other. After that, carry out the following actions:

  1. Player 1 must descend and pull the lever next to a sphere.
  2. Player 2 must retrieve the cog and replace it in the machine.
  3. Player 1 must pull the lever a second time.

Now comes the difficult part: creating the final orb of light in the following manner:

  1. Both players must find a niche on the right side of the ladder.
  2. Player 1 must take a step onto the platform and then fall to grasp the ledge.
  3. Player 2’s job is to help Player 1 get closer to the levers.
  4. The levers may now be pulled by Player 1.

Finally, both players must repeat the previous trick, but this time on the left side of the elevator. When one of the players reaches the three top switches, they must turn them on one by one, from right to left.

After that, both players must return to the Astrolabe machine and pull the two levers on both sides to open the escape portal, which will complete the game as planned. 

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Finally, in We Were Here Forever, you may finish both endgame riddles and depart the Rockbury Realm through an open portal.

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