What Channel Is Fox Sports 1 on Antenna?


Looking for the Fox Sports 1 channel on your antenna TV? Here’s a guide to help you find it!

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Fox Sports 1

Fox Sports 1 is an American sports channel that is owned by the Fox Corporation. The channel was launched on August 17, 2013. It is a national sports network that features live sporting events and original programming.


Fox Sports 1 is available on Dish Network, DirecTV, and most cable providers. The channel launched on August 17th, 2013, and is available on most major providers in the United States.


Fox Sports 1 (FS1) is an American sports-oriented cable and satellite television channel that is owned by the Fox Sports Media Group, a unit of Fox Corporation. FS1 replaced the motorsports network Speed on August 17, 2013, at the same time that its companion channel Fox Sports 2 replaced Fuel TV. Both FS1 and FS2 absorbed most of the sports programming formerly carried by the defunct networks, as well as content from Fox Soccer, which was replaced by the entertainment-based channel FXX on September 2, 2013.

FS1 airs an array of live sporting events, including Major League Baseball, college sports (including football, basketball and several other sports), soccer matches involving U.S. teams in the UEFA Champions League and CONCACAF Champions League, UFC mixed martial arts events and almost every race of NASCAR’s top tier series (the Daytona 500 among them). FS1 also features two strips of daily programming block: Fox Sports Live weekday nights and Crowd Goes Wild weekdays during daytime hours talk shows Cancelled Too Soon and Lock It In.


If you are looking for a great way to watch Fox Sports 1 without cable, then you need to know what channel is Fox Sports 1 on Antenna. Antenna is a great way to watch Fox Sports 1 without having to pay for a lot of channels that you do not want.


There are three main types of antennas: indoor, outdoor, and whole-house. Indoor antennas are the most common type and are small, lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to install. However, they usually have a shorter range than other types of antennas and may only work well if you live close to a TV broadcasting tower.

Outdoor antennas are larger and more expensive than indoor antennas but they tend to have a longer range and can be used in more challenging locations, such as rural areas where there are fewer obstacles between your home and the TV towers.

Whole-house antennas are the most expensive type of antenna but they offer the best performance since they can be installed in a location with a clear line of sight to the TV towers.


If you want to receive Fox Sports 1 through an over-the-air antenna, you will need to install a physical antenna on or near your television. Most modern televisions have an internal antenna, but these are generally not powerful enough to receive a clear over-the-air signal.

If you live in a rural area or are far from a broadcast tower, you may need an outdoor antenna. These can be purchased for relatively cheap and will give you the best chance of receiving a clear signal. Once you have your antenna set up, simply point it in the direction of the nearest broadcast tower and scan for channels. You should be able to find Fox Sports 1 with no problem.


Most people nowadays use streaming services like Sling, YouTube TV, or AT&T TV NOW to watch TV. But what if you want to watch TV without an internet connection? If you have an antenna, you can watch Fox Sports 1 for free!


There are a few factors that come into play when it comes to determining whether or not you can get a specific channel with an antenna. The first is your location. If you live in an urban area, you’ll have more luck receiving channels than if you live in a rural area. The second factor is the type of antenna you’re using. A directional antenna will receive channels from one direction, while a multi-directional antenna will receive channels from multiple directions. The third factor is the height of your antenna.

If you live in an urban area and are using a directional antenna, you should be able to get Fox Sports 1 with no problem. However, if you live in a rural area or are using a multi-directional antenna, you may not be able to get Fox Sports 1. If you have any trouble receiving channels with your antenna, try moving it to a different location or adjusting the height.


In conclusion, you can receive Fox Sports 1 on antenna by finding your local Fox Sports affiliate and tuning to the appropriate channel. You may need a strong and stable signal in order to get a clear picture, so be sure to place your antenna in a central location and test it out before deciding on a final placement. Thanks for reading!

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