What Place Did Deku Come in the Sports Festival?


In the sports festival, Deku came in first place in the obstacle race and second in the long-distance race.

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The Sports Festival

The Sports Festival is an annual event in which all of the students in Class 1-A compete in various athletic activities. It is one of the most important events of the year, as it helps to determine who the top students are. Deku, who is not the best at sports, placed fourth in the festival.

Deku’s performance

Deku did very well in the sports festival. He made it to the finals in almost every event and even won first place in the long-distance race.

Other characters’ performances

Although Deku was the one who was in the spotlight for most of the Sports Festival, there were other great performances by other characters as well. One such character is Ochako Uraraka, who managed to come in second place overall.

Ochako is a member of Class 1-A, and is one of Deku’s closest friends. She has the quirk “Zero Gravity”, which allows her to nullify her own gravity. This came in handy during the Sports Festival, as she was able to float and maneuver around her opponents with ease. In the end, she just narrowly lost to Todoroki in the final event, the human Cavalry battle.

Other notable performances include Katsuki Bakugou, who managed to come in 3rd place overall, despite not having any outstanding physical abilities. This just goes to show that with enough grit and determination, anyone can achieve great things.

The aftermath

Deku finally placed in the Sports Festival. It was a close call with Bakugou but he still did it. He placed first in the Obstacle Race and second in the Cavalry Battle. He would’ve placed first in the Cavalry Battle if it weren’t for his team mates. All Might is so proud of him and Deku is so happy. He can’t wait to tell Uraraka.

Deku’s reaction

Deku was so happy that he had placed in the Sports Festival. He was so happy that he started to cry tears of joy.

Other characters’ reactions

In the aftermath of the Sports Festival, Deku is seen lying on the ground with Kota by his side. All Might arrives and tells Deku that he did amazing and encouraged him to keep moving forward. Soon after, Recovery Girl arrives to heal Deku’s injuries. The other students are then seen congratulate Deku on his performance.

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